Hypnotherapy is a powerful complementary therapy, that can have a vast range of mental and physical benefits. As a qualified hypnotherapist, Jenny is able to offer a wide variety of sessions, with some of our most recent clients benefiting from weight loss, reduction in anxiety and more confidence.

At your first session you will have a full consultation where we will talk about what changes you would like to make or any goal that you want to achieve, followed by how hypnotherapy works and what to expect. Once we have completed the intake form and discussed the number of sessions, cost and have answered any questions you may have, we will begin the hypnotherapy session. This begins by using relaxation to guide you into hypnosis (you are not asleep and can hear your surroundings at all times). Once the therapy is completed, you will be gently brought back to your full awareness. You may feel as if you have just woken from a very relaxing sleep and feel positive about the changes you are going to make.

Our prices start from £35 per session, lasting between 60 and 90 minutes each. For more information and a personalised quote, please get in touch.

Client Feedback

Had a really amazing session, felt absolutely comfortable and at ease while being hypnotised. Afterwards I felt amazing, and chilled out.
— H.B.
Excellent hypnotic experience. Enjoyable and a valuable experience without any worry. Can’t wait for another session.
— A.W.

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